Friday, December 17, 2010

Book      :     Honeymoon
Author   :     James Patterson & Howard Roughan
Rating   :     ★★1/2

I just finished reading James Patterson’s collaboration with Howard Roughan, Honeymoon.  It is called the “2005 International Thriller of the Year” but sadly, thrilled I am not.  I am deliberating whether it’s because of my high expectations from James Patterson or the book just really is dull.  Frankly, I have no idea how it came to be a thriller.

The book revolves around the stunning, top-notch interior decorator Nora Sinclair.  She’s such a knock-out, a lot of men just find themselves panting after her.  And that’s where she wants to be.  And she will not budge.

However, these men, the ones lucky enough to gain her attention or even her hand in marriage…are not so lucky after all.  Three of them find themselves suddenly developing heart attacks and one FBI Agent John O’Hara even got shot.

And then there’s another story somewhere about O’Hara being the Tourist and working on some thing-a-ma-jig that works to set Nora Sinclair free but it wasn’t really explained!  It came across like a filler to me.
And that’s simply what the story is all about.

Seriously.  I’m not trying to pull your leg but there is no explanation for her actions.  She did not even have a monologue, trying to give a background why she’s doing it.  And nowhere in the story will it be explained.  The story falls flat from being thrilling and there are just a lot of “huhs” going around while reading through it.
However, the story is still given 2 1/2 stars because it is fast-paced and the words are not too hard to understand.

I like James Patterson a lot because his books really are thrilling but I find myself buying his books with the desperation of trying to find out if he’ll ever give a backgrounder of why his villains turn out to be huge psychos.  Undeniably, some of his books are really good like his earlier works but this one just fails even to simply satisfy the feeling that your money was well-spent.

As much as I like you, James Patterson, I believe this book is one of those you should buy at half price or even just borrow from your neighbor who got the book excitedly, thinking it would be another best-seller.  Luckily, I bought it at a discounted price so I’m not really in too much pain but still…money not well-spent.

Ciao! Smile