Thank you for being interested in having me review your book! I blog for fun, and I don't really like being pressured, so I accept very few review requests. That said, I get a lot of emails, and usually try to reply as soon as I can.

Before you send me that email request, please read the following below. Keep in mind that even if your book fits the genre, it also depends on my interest on the book's plot and my availability. This will save us both the time (and disappointment)! :)

Genres I enjoy:

  • Chick lit
  • Classics
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Fantasy (magic, witches) 
  • Filipino fiction
  • Historical romance
  • Suspense/Thrillers/Mysteries/Detective stories -- but no ghost horror stories!
  • Young adult

I do not review:
  • Audiobooks 
  • Biographies
  • Drama
  • Erotica
  • Fantasies involving human-werewolves-vampire-ghosts-zombies love stories (except Buffy!)
  • Horror
  • Poetry/Book of poems
  • Religious fiction/non-fiction

I am also open to attending book/book-related launches or events.

I do not do promotional events for books I am unfamiliar with, haven't read, or not interested in reviewing or reading. My blog is a reflection of my interests and beliefs, so I can only promote the books/graphic novels I know and like.

Your book fits the genres I enjoy? Cool! So on to the next part: How to contact me!

For authors/publishers:
If you want me to review your book/s, e-mail me at mybookmusings[@]gmail[dot]com. Please check out my Book Wishlist page in case your book is already something I want to read, or my Books Discussed page in case I read your book already (and skip to Step 4).

Step 1: Get in touch with me
Email me with an introduction to the book, the genre, if it's part of a tour/launch, your preferred date for the review, and a blurb/synopsis. Please give me a week to reply, since I have to think about the book and my schedule.

Step 2: Send the copy (if I agreed)
If I agree to consider the book for a review, I accept either hard copies (especially for local authors) or send a copy in EPUB format for my tablet.

If for any reason I cannot finish your book, I will email you to let you know. I would rather not finish a book and eventually decline to do a review than to try to finish a book and just rant about it. This will only make you (author/publisher) and me feel bad.

Step 3: Wait for my review/update
If I review the book, I will send you the link and the date when it will be published. I post my reviews at 12:30pm, Philippine time (that's about 12-14 hours advanced in American time). Please take that into consideration when setting a schedule.

Step 4: Let me know
If you want to share the review link or a part of the review on other websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc), please let me know.

  • My reviews are posted here and on Goodreads, and I also post the link on G+ and Twitter. They also show up via RSS and on Bloglovin'. Right now, I only post my reviews in Amazon if I actually got the book there.
  • I do not send my blog draft to the author/publisher prior to posting. 

You want to be interviewed, too? No problem!

For interviews:
I am happy to interview authors whose books I will read, whose books I have read already, and for promotional bits for upcoming books I would actually want to read.

I limit myself to 8 questions per interview. Why 8? It's to make sure I limit myself to asking questions relevant to your book. Check out my 8Qs interviews to see the questions I asked in previous interviews.

Step 1: Contact me
Email me a request for a review and an interview, if your book is out or upcoming already. If I agreed, I would need to read your book first before doing the interview. So if you need a specific date for the review and interview to be published, give me enough time to read your book and interview you. :)

Step 2: Wait for my questions (if I agreed)
If I finish your book, I will email you with the 8 questions and some other info I might need.

Step 3: Email me your responses
Be as thorough and as engaging in your answers as I know you can! You can also include an introductory video of yourself, if you want.

Include in your responses the links you want me to post. These can be your blog, website, twitter, where your books are sold, etc. Give me your profile pic you want to include as well as a short profile for my About the Author section at the end of my interviews.

Step 4: Wait for my blog post/update
I will email you the date when my post will be out as well as the link. Again, if you want to share the link or a part of the review/interview on other websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc), please let me know.

Easy, right? Let's keep it simple, and our inbox clutter-free :)

How much I love (or not) your book (aka my Rating System):

I don't give a one-star ratings on my blog because my one-starred book might be something that others loved or will love and I don't want to dissuade anyone from reading.

★★★    -- This book is amazing and it's a must read! I had no complaints
★★★1/2  -- Great book but I didn't like some things (plot/style/characters)
       -- Good book and still recommendable to my friends.
★★★1/2     -- Some good points but I had some misgivings.
          -- I did not really like/enjoy it but I was able to finish it.
             -- I struggled to finish the book. It just wasn't for me.


My reviews are not influenced by author/s or publisher/s. Giving me a copy of your book does not guarantee a favorable review. My reviews are my honest opinions and thoughts while reading, and after reading, the book.

If I've accepted your book for consideration and didn't like it, I will let you know if I refuse to write a review.

I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews. I will state if the book is an ARC or has been given to me by the author or publisher in exchange for a review.

In 2014, I have started putting up links where readers can buy the book. I don't get compensation for doing this, and I am not affiliated with any store anymore. This is just to help out readers who may be interested in purchasing the book.

Please don't copy my posts and pass them off as your own.

Contact me @ mybookmusings[@]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions.

Edited: January 21, 2016