Part of goal with My Book Musings is to spread the word about Filipino fiction authors and literature. I am so excited because it seems that there is a rise in Filipino fiction authorship, thanks to Mina V. Esguerra's mentoring efforts and kindness. Also, with the rise of digital platforms and explosion of the e-book market, it's easier for people all around the world to buy a copy of books by Filipino authors, and get a taste of our culture wherever they are.

This list will be updated every so often. Any suggestions, queries, link updates, message me.

I reserve the right to exclude certain authors/links from my blog for private reasons.

Websites where you can buy Filipino fiction:

Filipino Authors
(in alphabetical order)

Chris Mariano

Chrissie Peria

Kajo Baldisimo (graphic artist)
Karren Renz Seña
Kate Evangelista

Katrina R. Atienza

Kesh Tanglao