Monday, July 10, 2017

I thought about this for over a year in which I tried so hard to get back onto the reviewing wagon, but I really couldn't bring myself to review books anymore. Life has caught up, and I found myself going forward in several new directions that reading has become pure escapist pleasure without my wanting to say my piece about it except for a few tweets here and there.

For everyone who sent me emails over the year, I'm sorry I haven't replied. I haven't checked my inbox in so long.

I can now be found at (that's actually my real name - Goldie is my nickname), where I write about my travels, books (excerpts, not reviews), and other things (like skincare and movies), and where you can contact me if you need your novel/novella/book to be edited or proofread.

I hope to see you there! Thanks for all the memories, book blogging community. You've been swell!

Much love,

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