Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Title:     The Son of Sobek
Author:  Rick Riordan
Rating:  ★★★ 

Seriously. I just died. What was that?! That was like one of the most infuriating short stories I've ever read because now I keep hoping and wishing and praying and waiting (you get the idea...) that there really will be a Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross-over.

Basically, the story is about Carter Kane coming across a gigantic crocodile and in his efforts to vanquish it, Percy Jackson comes along because he was also after the crocodile, which he said ate pegasi at the camp. While the two heroes were initially wary due to some funny mistakes that Carter made, they managed to form a truce long enough to overcome the problem. In the end, there is a teaser that hints at another possible story, so cross your fingers!

In The Son of Sobek, despite Carter being the storyteller, Percy Jackson is portrayed to be more powerful or at least a better fighter than the former. Furthermore, I was really impressed by the manifestation of Percy's powers. Somehow, I haven't really imagined Percy to be that good when he's with the other demigods, but against Carter Kane, I found him more impressive.

My only complaint about The Son of Sobek is that it is too short. It seriously fueled my Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover fantasy. But kudos to Rick Riordan for giving us such a fantastic teaser story that just kept me on the edge of my seat. Every page was engaging and the first page instantly immersed me into a whole new world.

I'm hoping there will be more, spoken from the point-of-view of Percy Jackson, because I am more of a Percy Jackson fan. However, this actually motivated me to finally read Serpent's Shadow, the third and final book in the Kane Chronicles, which I have put off for about a year now because I did not fully take to the first two books, The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire.

Also, if you are not aware, Riordan has also released the front cover of the fourth book of the Heroes of Olympus series, The House of Hades. It looks great! I want to reserve my hardbound copy already, but I think its slated release is October here in the Philippines. Here it is below. What do you think about the cover?

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