Hi, author! I know how hard it is to find reviewers for a book, especially for up n' coming indie authors, so I created this page. I turn down a lot of book requests for various reasons, but hopefully you'll find this list helpful for other bloggers who might enjoy your plot and accept your book for review.

And hi, blogger! This is for me to keep track of my blog roll as well by genre :)

Note: Info about these bloggers are taken as true at the moment of writing. I will not be taken responsible for not having updated links, as I only get them from the bloggers themselves. Always read a blogger's policy!

Some tips in contacting bloggers:
  1. Read each policy of a particular blogger. We all have different policies and preferences, and knowing how to approach us is already helpfully written on our blog.
  2. Address your emails to us by name! Sometimes, I don't feel like replying when it seems like the author didn't take the time to get to know even just my name.
  3. When we decline to review your book, please don't come back to try to persuade us, or argue with us about our preferences. We blog for fun.
  4. Don't send us requests if it is already stated in our review policy that we are not currently accepting review requests. :)

Bloggers by genre/sub-genre

Chick lit





Filipino fiction/written in Filipino language

Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga

Historical fiction




New Adult


Other Languages


Romance (Adult/Contemporary/Regency/Young Adult)

Science fiction

Young Adult


  1. Hey Goldie! Count our blog in for YA, NA, Romance and Paranormal :)

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  3. You can count me in as well. NA, YA, Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy (http://booksbymigs.com)

  4. Hey there! Ok the genres I usually feature are: Contemporary Romance (Adult, YA & NA), Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Erotica.

  5. Hi Goldie, I’d love to be included :) Crime/Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary, YA


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