Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book     :     Cradle and All
Author   :     James Patterson
Rating    :     ★★★★★

This book just about blew my mind.  It kept me on my toes and kept me going. I couldn’t put it down because I just had to know the truth.  Granted, there were times when I felt that it contained blasphemy but I just reminded myself that it’s fiction and that no one really knows the truth.  Authors just let their minds wander free and ultimately, it’s up to the reader whether to believe in it or not.  But again, this book is FICTION.

This isn’t the first book of Patterson that I’ve read so I thought this was about child murders (because of the title).  But lo and behold, it’s not.  It’s actually about the message of the Lady to Fatima all those years ago, which until now is still kept a secret.  Suddenly, the world is plagued by various diseases, people are dying everywhere, and then the news breaks out – there are virgin women… with child.  Apparently, one will give birth to the Savior and one will give birth to the child of the devil.

Kathleen and Colleen bought look angelic and are both verified to be virgins.  However, they are both visited by images of various men turning into animals having sex with them.  But they are intact.  The race is on for Ann Fitzgerald, ex-nun, to find out who bears the child of God…and who bears the child of Satan.
I am impressed because it actually contains no criticism of the Catholic Church but the evils of men.  Furthermore, I noticed James Patterson didn’t hesitate to point out the reality of evil in his book.  I am further impressed by the part in the book where he states that people don’t believe in evil anymore…because Satan is so cunning, he presents the bad in such enticing appearances.

So true.

I love this book.  I can’t say it enough and my mind is still reeling from the sudden twist of events that gave the book a satisfying ending.  Just when you thought it’s all explained and over with, James Patterson gives you the another twist that leaves you wanting for more.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I recommend the book for 18 and above, for the sexual imagery and need for strong faith for this book.

Ciao! Smile