Monday, September 2, 2013

I know us book bloggers read an insane amount of books and we also post a lot of reviews, but I just really have to ask: How do you decide which books to actually review?

The reason I asked is because I like getting started on a series, and I tend to finish the series but here in My Book Musings, I don't always review all the books per series. Sometimes, it's because I've read the first book or so prior to blogging and I haven't reread it again to write about it. However, sometimes I just don't feel like writing about the book. As a book blogger, should I be reviewing all the books in a series? Sometimes, I get so excited to read the latest book in the series that I just go through the book and I'm all praises for it, but I don't have enough to say about it enough to blog about it.

Of course this also applies to book outside of a series. I tend to review the ones I get super excited about, or the ones that really bothered me that I have to let it out and write about it. Oftentimes, I enjoy a book but I don't really have any thoughts enough to blog about them. I know we don't write about all the books we read, because if we all did that then we wouldn't have enough time to read all our books and go on with our personal lives and blog. Of course I'm already excluding the books that you are committed to reviewing, like with book tours or book review requests.

How about the other bloggers? How do you decide which books to review, with all the books you receive every day/week/month? If you blogged about the first or so book in a series, do you also write about the subsequent books? I'd really like to know :-)

Have a great day ahead of you!