Monday, September 16, 2013

Good day, folks! Today, we're kickstarting L.K. Hill's blog tour for the sequel to Persistence of Vision, book 1 in the Interchron series. The second book is called Quantum Entanglement, and to start the tour, we welcome L.K. Hill for a guest post.

Upping the Ante

One of the biggest challenges in writing a series is in keeping the story interesting enough to make people want to keep reading. Many book series suffer from ‘book 2 syndrome,’ a term that comes from trilogies whose second books bog down before getting to book 3, the climax.

Interchron will be longer than a trilogy - probably five installments - but that just means there are even more challenges. Not only do I not want the story to bog down, but each book must raise the stakes and outdo the previous one. The characters must grow more, their ups and downs must be more extreme, and the drama definitely needs to peak. No pressure, though, right?

Easier said than done, it’s true, but because I write dystopian fantasy, with super-brain powers and time travel elements, there’s plenty to work with. I knew when I wrote it that I’d have to put something in it that would propel readers forward into future installments, answering questions but also asking more.

I definitely delve more into Marcus and David’s past, letting you see how things went down when the brothers were younger. Yet, I’m gonna throw a bit of a curveball at you before the end. You're welcome. :D

It was tricky, but I’m happy with the finished product. It also helped me plan out the rest of the installments. I have a much better idea of how the series will end, now, as well as each book.

So, I hope everyone enjoys Quantum Entanglement, book 2 of Interchron. Please know that I’m working hard to bring you as much entertainment as you can handle. Here’s to upping the ante!

Thanks, Liesel, for the wonderful introduction to what we can expect from Quantum Entanglement, and even a glimpse at what the rest of the series has to offer. I'm excited to read this sequel because I enjoyed Persistence of Vision. I know how much of a pressure it could be for writers to write the succeeding books, especially if the first book in the series has already raised the bar high, so I'm excited to read how Liesel has upped the ante.

If you want to follow Liesel and the wonderful Interchron series, here are several links:

Quantum Entanglement is actually out now! You can purchase an e-book copy via Amazon and Smashwords.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the blog tour stops along the way! Now excuse me while I immerse myself in this awesome dystopian world via Quantum Entanglement...