Monday, July 22, 2013

Title:    The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, book 3)
Author:  Rick Riordan
Rating:  ★★★★ 1/2

I finally read - and finished - The Serpent's Shadow from the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan! I've had it for over a year, but since I didn't enjoy the first two books (The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire), I put off reading the third and final book in the series. Until curiosity won me over and I picked up the book...and didn't put it down until I was halfway through the book and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Oh my. It is good. I wanted to bring the book everywhere with me just so I can continue reading. The only downside to my reading The Serpent's Shadow too late was that I already forgot a lot of what occurred in the first two books.

When young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane learned how to follow the path of the ancient Egyptian gods, they knew they would have to play an important role in restoring Ma'at—order—to the world. What they didn't know is how chaotic the world would become. The Chaos snake Apophis is loose and threatening to destroy the earth in three days' time. The magicians are divided. The gods are disappearing, and those that remain are weak. Walt, one of Carter and Sadie's most gifted initiates, is doomed and can already feel his life force ebbing. Zia is too busy babysitting the senile sun god, Ra, to be of much help. What are a couple of teenagers and a handful of young trainees to do?

The Serpent's Shadow had a lot of witty banter that made me chortle. I really appreciated the infusion of humor, which made the story engaging and easy to read. Looking back, the two previous books were also laden with humor, but this is the first time I really enjoyed a book in the Kane Chronicles.

The book was chock-filled with fun adventures (fun for us readers but maybe not so much for them?) and really interesting battles. Carter and Sadie each had their own equal time in the spotlight and chance at romance, which slightly baffled me. Aren't they just fourteen and fifteen, and yet they're already kissing and having boyfriends? Or maybe that's how teens are nowadays haha.

It's not because I'm more partial to female heroes, but I liked Sadie more than I did Carter. Sadie seemed so capable, strong, and braver. She wasn't the type to quake in her boots when faced with something truly horrendous. Furthermore, she wasn't so easily tempted and swayed by Isis and Setne. And she's younger than Carter, to boot. Carter just seemed like a wimp and quite a bit of a scaredy-cat, if not for Horus' help. I can't help but compare him to other teen heroes at his age (Hello, Harry Potter?) but maybe they're supposed to be the anti-hero kind of hero.

You've got your familiar motley of characters that helped bring life to The Serpent's Shadow, such as the adorable Speedo-wearing Bes and the hot kitty mama Bast. The House of Brooklyn's anklebiters were a cute addition and added to the awww factor of the story. Of course, Walt and Anubis were also there and their feelings for Sadie was just really adorable. Although the resolution to Walt's dilemma and Anubis' love(?) for Sadie did not sit well with me, perhaps because I can't see it happening in real life, no matter how awesome it would be to have a guy as hot as that love you.

Zia, of course, was also there. Her role in the story finally came to light, and her entombment was explained, satisfactorily. How old is she? I thought she was older than Carter, and I was actually surprised she liked Carter, too. There was no hint that she also had feelings for Carter, only her shabti did.

Apophis was a proper right bad-ass villain. He was a destroyer of everything, a divider of allies, poisoner of thoughts, and had enough charm (or magic) to sway you to sympathize for him if you weren't on your guard. Although he wasn't as crazy evil as the other villains in literature, he was still impressive and very hateable - and the evil degree was just right for a YA book. Good job, Rick!

I'm actually a bit sad that The Serpent's Shadow is the last book in the Kane Chronicles, and too bad I liked the series at the end only. Reading about the Egyptian gods and goddesses was refreshing since there is quite a proliferation of fiction about Greek gods and goddesses. But I'm holding out hope that there will be a Percy Jackson-Kane Chronicles crossover beyond the short story The Son of Sobek.

How about you, which of the three books in the Kane Chronicles did you enjoy the most?

Happy Monday! :)


  1. I REALLY enjoyed this one surprisingly. I was totally like you skeptical to read it because of the prior two, but yeah i loved it! anyways I just wanted your blog is super cute, I love the banner.

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    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who felt this way!

  2. Haha no but I always feel that way when I don't agree with a book. haha like secretly praying no one will through virtual tomatoes at me or something.. And to follow just scroll down my side bar and you will see a box to the right with little photos and the header will read "I love followers" , just click it and you should be fine; Its third to the bottom and thank you it means alot ! (:


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