Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 2! Today is all about rituals.

It's been pretty interesting reading about the book habits of my fellow bookworms. It's funny how we're almost all alike!

Well, after I finish work, I have dinner, finish sending emails, browse a little, then an hour or two before my bedtime, I decide it's time to read. I try to get some reading done almost every night (although I read plenty throughout the day).

1) Turn off my computer and check all my social networking apps.

2) Grab my book, settle in the middle of my bed facedown with my elbows propped up (my favorite reading position!).

3) Read until I fall asleep or the book isn't making any sense at all to my brain, in which I close the book, take off my glasses, and promptly fall asleep in about three seconds.

Except, if the book is really interesting, then I stay awake, fighting off sleep, and finish the book. Sometimes I'm surprised to see the light when I'm done from a very good book. But the late nights and lack of sleep are actually worth it sometimes just so I know what happened in the story. Do you agree?

I don't have a lot of steps, I just read and read. What about you?

Happy Wednesday :)