Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello book lovers! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty eventful. Today I want to share something that has been on my mind lately, especially since this is the most active I've been in the blogging world.

I love getting comments, and I usually respond to comments...in my blog. I think it's a great way to interact with other bloggers, and share your thoughts, or even have a lively discussion if you disagree. But what do you do when someone comments on your blog? Do you respond on your blog or do you duly visit the blog of the commenter and post a comment there too?

But what happens if you read a very nice post on someone else's blog and you comment, how do you keep track of their responses? Do you periodically check the poster's blog to see if they responded, or once you leave a comment and exit the browser, you forget all about it?

I admit that I don't revisit all the blogs I comment on. Sometimes, for example, in the Feature and Follow Friday meme that I do, just to keep the discussion going, I respond in my blog and visit the commenter's blog and copy-paste my response, tweaking it if needed. Or in my That One Line meme, I check out those who do the meme and respond to their posts (which are always interesting!) and sometimes check back to see if they have responded as I have found their insights delightful.

There are few posts that have kept me visiting back to see if they responded. After all, that's the point of a discussion, right? Unless it's a generic message like "Nice blog!", which means I'm not going to expect a lengthy response (or even a response at all). While we don't have all the time in the world to check back on the comments, not checking on a response seems to defeat the purpose of commenting though as your discussion with the blogger then stops.

But maybe that's just me. How about you? Do you make the effort to reply to all comments? Do you check back on other people's responses? Do you have a way to see if they responded to your comments?

Happy musings,


  1. This is why I like commenting platforms that notify the commenter when someone has replied to their comment: Disqus, Livefyre, and many others offer this service and I LOVE it. I try to comment on a lot of blogs, so if I'm not being notified of when my comment is being replied to, I generally won't know :(

    1. Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your thoughts! I've been ambivalent about using Disqus because I find it hard to post comments on other blogs that use Disqus. But maybe this is an option that I should explore further.

  2. i usually visit the posts in which I commented on frequently. :)) since I don't really comment on things which I'm not really that interested on, it's not really a hassle. but i think having something like disqus is pretty handy. i tried to install nuffnangx which is quite good but then i don't want my other comments to be wiped away because they're all so important to me so I reverted. :)


    1. I didn't know about nuffnangx! I have some trouble with Disqus though, so I don't really want to put it here!


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