Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader in Flipboard in my Nook Tablet

I have actually never used Google Reader because I just read the blogs on my Blogger dashboard or go through my Linky list. As I previously mentioned, I'm a big fan of Flipboard, especially now that I've been blogging more often.

*Edit:  Just in case not everyone's familiar with Flipboard!*
I love Flipboard because it is very useful for me. It is more than just an RSS reader. I can access, browse, and update my Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. I can also reply to people from right in the app. Sharing posts is also easy. You can share to your logged in accounts you saved in Flipboard or share the link via other apps on your device. Since I started using Flipboard on my Nook, I have not downloaded the Facebook and Twitter apps because it's all in there.

Furthermore, Flipboard also suggests news articles for you based on the genre that you're interested in. If you choose to follow "fashion", the latest articles about fashion will be available as a clickable icon on your Flipboard.

But today I decided to add Google Reader to my Flipboard account, only to find out that Google is terminating it! Aw shucks. I decided to look up other RSS feeds compatible with Flipboard, when I came across a post from Flipboard saying that even after the termination of Google Reader this July, the blogs you follow using the Google platform would still be retained in Flipboard as long as you sign up your account with Flipboard and add Google Reader.

I have also discovered that I cannot view the blogs I follow via Linky as easily as I can follow them in Blogger so I've added their RSS feed to my Flipboard as clickable links. This means I can follow both Blogspot and Wordpress blogs in one app.

And yes, your folders are still retained in Flipboard. The only downside that I can see so far is that I cannot on blogs on Flipboard directly. Also, when posts have jump breaks, I am redirected to the device's browser. But that doesn't bother me too much.

Click here to know more about Google Reader and Flipboard.

How about you, what will you do to still have your RSS fix after Google Reader ends?

Happy musings and hope this helps,


  1. All of this confuses me so much! I just downloaded Feedly. it will take me a while to get used to but it imported all my blogs and should work.

    I hadn't heard of Flipboard before.

    1. Flipboard is a mobile app for your iOS or Android device :) It's like Feedly, but Flipboard is more than that because you can browse and update your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr right on the app, and any other accounts made available. :)

      Thanks for your comment! I made an edit to my post to try to explain Flipboard :)

  2. I love Flipboard very much beccause it's a great app,thanks for sharing.
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