Monday, March 2, 2015

Title:       The Perils of Pauline
Author:   Collette Yvonne
Rating:   ★★★1/2
Availability:   Astor + Blue | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
Note: Review copy provided by Astor + Blue in exchange for an honest review

Hello March! Now that it has been 3 months into the year, how's your reading experience going so far? Toppled that TBR pile yet? I know I haven't! Hehehe.

I actually felt a little misled after I finished The Perils of Pauline because I was expecting it to be slapstick comedic filled with lots of belly laughs, the way I did when I read Collette Yvonne's guest post. Sadly, the book didn't seem as hilarious as I thought it would be. Or maybe it was because I couldn't connect to the story, even though I finished it till the end.

Life seems "picture perfect" for Army veteran Pauline Parril--a solid career, a loving (though slightly absent) husband, two adorable young children. Perfect that is, until the usual Friday meeting at the office ends with a termination letter. As Pauline navigates the difficulties of unemployment, she finds the handles of her world turning upside down. Her estranged daughter, Serenity, returns home with shocking secrets. Her husband, Donald, is not at all who she knows him to be, and a handsome stranger opens her eyes to the complex worlds of poetry and temptation.

In this uproarious female comedy of just how one event can change the course of...well everything. The Perils of Pauline follows an intrepid every-woman as she marches through the pressures of building the "perfect life," finding there's actually more to discover about yourself than you dreamed, and constantly answering the scariest question of adulthood: "What now?"

I wasn't expecting a book about an old married couple and how they traversed and reconnected. I'm not really into that kind of story, especially since I have never been married and soundly single, I cannot relate to that plot. I was expecting more hilarious call outs of how romance is, and less too much over-thinking on the part of Pauline. However, the writing was fluid and the pacing was quickly. It's a good thing it was fast-paced or I might have given up on the story.

I could not relate to Pauline at all. She was also part of the military--and I cannot connect her to the woman in the cover of the book. I did sympathize with her troubles, although the sub-characters -- such as her children -- made me enjoy the book more.

What do you do when the plot/your expectations aren't realize once you read the book? Do you finish the story, hoping it will still be good, or DNF? I finished The Perils of Pauline, but I have definitely DNF'd several books not even halfway thru the story. Thoughts?