Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

How did you spend New Year's Eve?

In the Philippines, we usually have a big feast, similar as to how we celebrate Christmas Day, minus the gifts, and with lots of fireworks! Fireworks are usually something I look forward to every start of the year. I just love those twinkling lights!

In our family, we have several traditions such as eating as one big family, having several dishes (this year we had baked spareribs, spaghetti, creamy pesto, roast chicken, casava cake, leche flan, different kinds of fruits, wine, gin punch, and Coca-Cola), and jumping up and down when the clock strikes 12. The funny thing in the Philippines is that we don't really have one standard time so we celebrate 12:00 at different times! But it's all good. It's very noisy and just all good fun.

One other family tradition that we have is that my dad hides p5 to p10 coins around the house and we "kids" scramble around to get at 'em (we're all over 20s now). I remember one time when I was in college, my dad stopped this cool tradition and I was upset. He said he thought since we're all grown-ups that it's going to stop. He put around coins for me to find and I ran around the house trying to find them. Since my sisters turned over 18, they stopped competing with me so I usually just get all the coins. But this year, I woke up to find that a lot of the coins were already picked up by my second sister! She left some for me, however, but there were more for us to find when she woke up! Good times. :)

This year was memorable for me because I gained several followers and new friends through My Book Musings. I also became more active here than the past two years, and I even created a Goodreads account (add me up, I don't bite!).  I'm also happy that I finished my 2012 Reading Challenge - my first ever! I actually started with 100 books but I changed it to 150. I think I was almost able to reach 180 books, but I was not able to add the Charmed and Buffy comic books (can't find them in Goodreads!).

For 2012, I wish I'll have more time to blog about the books I've read and that interested me. Plus, I'm also thinking of adding more entries that are not just book-related. I was thinking of keeping my blogs separate but updating them is quite hard!

Anyway, I would love to hear how your New Year went and your yearly traditions. I hope 2013 turns out an even better year for us all! :)

Keep safe!