Saturday, August 4, 2012

Title:        Merridew Sisters series
Author:     Anne Gracie
Rating:     ★★★★

I finally reading the four books in the Merridew Sisters series and I really enjoyed them, some more than the others. The four books in the series are (in order):

1) The Perfect Rake

2) The Perfect Waltz

3) The Perfect Stranger

4) The Perfect Kiss


The Merridew Sisters is about four sisters Prudence, the eldest, the twins Faith and Hope, and the youngest is Grace, who ran away from their abusive grandfather and came to London to seek husbands or at least wait until Prudence’s 21st birthday which would mean she’ll come into her inheritance.

The Perfect Rake is about the love story of Prudence, who did not even imagine that she will get married off, and Gideon, a rake. What follows is a funny story about fake-turned-real engagements, frequent misunderstandings, and mismatched love affairs, which ends well anyway. What I didn’t like about the book is that it was too complex far too long. It’s like problem after problem after problem. The saving grace of the book though is that it’s funny and easy to read and the characters are very lovable. You can’t help but cheer them on.

The Perfect Waltz revolves around the story of Sebastian Reyne’s search for a wife who he thinks should not be Hope Merridew. With what happened to his parents’ marriage and what he thinks is suitable for his long-lost sisters, he is thus on the lookout for the ‘perfect’ wife…and this perfect woman seems to be Elinor…who thinks only Rational things should be done and that the only Rational color is gray.

The Perfect Stranger is about the end and beginning of love for Faith Merridew. She ran away to be with the man she thought was her true love only to end up getting married to an actual stranger. Well, a hot, protective, and very kind stranger that turns her knees weak and who protects her like no other. It’s actually a good story because it has a different kind of plot and twist in the end.

Last is The Perfect Kiss, which ended up being my favorite of the series. Grace Merridew accompanied her friend to meet her arranged-marriage fiancee Wolfestone, who ended up falling for Grace. The twist in the story is not very complex, however, but it was a big problem nonetheless. However, I liked it for its simplicity and Wolfestone, out of all the men Grace’s sisters married, was the one who really appealed to me because of his dedication to his land and his love for Grace.

I really enjoyed reading the series and I’m glad they all turned out all right in the end. One more thing I like about these sisters is that they are all strong women and are not afraid to carry knives or guns to protect themselves. The Merridew Sisters series actually features two love stories per book, which also adds to the enjoyment of the book. If you’re in the mood for some lighthearted romance story, then these books are great for an afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea by your side. Smile