Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm a bookworm. I'm a self-confessed book addict who can't pass by a bookstore without scanning the shelves or even just the window. And when I have money, I usually spend the most on books. Ha. Even when I barely have enough, I still scrimp to buy that "book I must absolutely have!"

Then last year, I started thinking about my future and finances seriously and read up on how-to tips on saving money. I read countless of articles, but one thing that stuck in my mind is, "don't buy something you can get for free". I know that counters the agenda of my mini bookstore, but I'm not saying that you should not buy books. I just realized that I have to spend wisely, especially when it comes to books.

See, I used to spend thousands every month for books. My boyfriend used to spend thousands on my book addiction until I wised up. I realized that right now, I can't afford buying 25 books at a time. Yes, I did that when I was depressed last year and went on a Nancy Drew shopping spree c/o my man. Furthermore, my library's really filled up already and I don't have any more space...or shelf space. I came up with the realization that I should acquire e-books instead and read on my iPod.

So I started combing the web for e-books and I would spend hours downloading all that I cannot buy, which is a lot apparently. But I still miss reading actual, paper books and lugging them around. I miss sitting by the window, under the sunlight, with a cup of drink in my hand. It's just not the same with e-books.

I decided instead to save up for my must-buys instead of splurging so much every month. I never got around to doing that, however, because my sweet ate Koku, my mom, or my boyfriend kept surprising me with books for both special occasions and ordinary days. Ahhh bliss!

And that's how I fed my lust for books even while on a budget ;)