Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have previously mentioned that I am a book addict. I have the iPod/ebooks and library to attest that fact. However, what I never mentioned before is that I am also a hoarder of books per author. If I like the work of one author, I will go out and search for his/her other books and acquire them.

Let me list my top three favorite authors.

  1. Jane Austen – I have all her novels, including some of her short stories. I don’t know how many times I’ve re-read my eternal favorite, Pride and Prejudice. I miss her style of writing and how I wish there are others like her! Her use of the English language was just exquisite, and I love how she never once discussed sex in her books, or even a yearning for it. Her books discussed affection and the joining of rationalities and the coming together of two individuals, similar or opposite, into one blissful union. Sigh. I want more real Jane Austen books.
  2. Eoin Colfer – I love the Artemis Fowl series. In fact, I was one of the first to buy his latest book (NBS forgot to contact me as soon as it arrived, although I had it reserved three months prior). I also have the series’ supplement book…and even the graphic novel. I also have some of his other books such as Benny and Me, Benny and Omar, Airman, The Supernaturals, The Wish List, and Another Thing. And yes, I have all of them in print form except for the graphic novel. I just love the way he writes and I love the humor in his books! If you’ll ever get to read this, Mr. Colfer, hello from your fan in the Philippines! Smile 
  3. Arthur Hailey – I don’t know if anyone from my generation is still familiar with his works. He was actually introduced to me by my parents since we have almost all of his books. I love the feeling of “reality” in his books. The scenes he depict can actually happen in real life.
I just realized that my taste is contradictory and vast. On one hand, I love Eion Colfer’s works because of its fantasy/magical theme, on the other I love Arthur Hailey’s works because they’re all very “real”. How about you, what’s your taste in books?

As I was saying, I have an author addiction. If I like one work, I tend to buy or read all of his/her works that interest me. I actually look up an author and search for all his books. My addiction has only increased last year when I had the income (and my boyfriend’s generosity!) to acquire all the books I wanted.

However, my addiction doesn’t last long. It does fade…after some time. For example, I’ve been buying Sweet Valley books all year to complete my collection. And I think that last year alone, my I have bought over 50 Nancy Drew books. I also bought 20 of James Patterson’s books. All in the span of one year. Well that’s a lot of money. Hmmm.

When my addiction for James Patterson’s novels slightly waned (meaning I have three or so more books to read and I’m almost finished with the Maximum Ride series), I was lamenting the fact that I have no new author to read. Then I discovered Robert Ludlum…

and BAM!

I already finished two of his books and I can’t wait to get my hands on more.