Thursday, February 21, 2013

After over two years of blogging, My Book Musings finally has a graphic header and button! And they are so adorable. This is a day of rejoicing for me, whoopee! I once went to a launch and they asked if I had a blog image and I couldn't provide them with anything, but now I do. I feel like a more serious blogger now :)) Does it really feel this way?

I asked my fellow Filipina blogger Mayan, the proprietress of My Drawing Room, if she could do graphics for me, and she did, with the only condition that I'm willing to wait. Of course I was! I waited two years for this, I could wait some more. Frankly, I was blown away because when I gave her details on what I wanted, I just said "uhm...a shadow of a girl sitting sideways reading". Honestly, I'm not very creative so I just left it all up to her. She did tell me she's going to put facial features, and I said okay.

The graphics are so beautiful and so right for My Book Musings! She gave me four choices for the banner and I had a really hard time picking which one I'd put up (my sister suggested I make a flash image so I could use all banners!) but I finally decided on the one that's right up there. Aaah I'm so in love with this right now! ♥

Just so you can understand how hard choosing was for me, here are the other options:

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Choice 3:

Can you see how hard the choices was for me? Maybe I will switch up my graphic header every once in a while! The button was a no brainer; it was just perfect.

The very creative and very nice Miss Mayan has been doodling since forever, until she finally started wondering how to turn her passion into something more.

My Drawing Room is actually a store of really cute bags/pouches and other interesting items such as inspirational posters. She first started as a blogger, but her designs are just so cute, I'm so thankful she put up a store! I have bought several pouches from her since then, but this is the first time I asked for blog graphics. It was a new project for her but I'm so glad she agreed!

The first time I bought from her was a pouch for my man. Yes, I bought a cutesy pouch for my boyfriend but it was so not girly at all! In fact, he never stopped using his since I gave this to him:

I think the pouch just suited my man because he's really into music, and it's blue so he won't feel like he's using a girly pouch. Looking for other gifts for the man in your life? Why not give him these...

Tablet pouch - great for your iPad/tablet-carrying man in your life
A lunchbox for your little boy (there are also designs for your little girl)!

Me, myself, I have bought (or have been gifted) the ff products:
I use this to carry my iPod, cable, and earphones.

Champagne Shoes with Bow
Canvas Drawstring Travel Shoe Bag
Size: 16” x 11.5”
Ideal for Shoe Size # US 6-10
Unit Price:  PhP 265.00
Champagne Shoes with Bow
Canvas Drawstring Travel Shoe Bag
Size: 9” x 10.75”
Ideal for Shoe Size # US 4.5-5
Unit Price:  PhP 185.00
View more photos of this product here.
The boyfriend gave me this tote bag for my shoes and slippers when I'm travelling.
This backpack has been with me to Singapore, Davao, and other places!

I've been saving this tidbit for last: she customizes. This is perfect because if someone grabs your bag, you're sure to have proof that it's yours because it has your name already. She can personalize them according to your taste, or just add your name if you already found a logo you're in love with. For example, I'm actually the one who chose the words on the backpack. Some choose their name, I chose one of my credos: Live. Love. Laugh. Plus, I asked her to include those stars because I love 'em. To think that I just won the backpack because of a contest! Yes, she's that nice and accommodating :)

Right now, I'm eyeing this pretty little pouch and have it changed to my name instead. Or maybe on a different bag that I'm sure I'll find a perfectly reasonable use for. :D 

Although I seriously think this Paris-inspired laptop bag design is just screaming for my attention:

For all you wonderful international readers, if you find yourself just itching to get these items (with your name on them), don't worry, she ships internationally too! Just contact her so you can get a price quote.

Want to know more? Hop on over and visit Mayan's Drawing Room through the following links and start viewing, following, pinning, liking, and ordering!



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