Thursday, January 27, 2011

I was browsing Chachic’s Book Nook for books that I might be interested in (although due to my very limited funds for this year, I can’t really buy a lot…) and I saw this link in her blog.  It’s a test for your Reading Personality Quiz and I took it just for fun.  You can also take the quiz here.

So this is the result of my answers and I well I am half-disturbed because I don’t fit in just one corner.  At the same time, I’m quite pleased because the results are true.
“Your responses showed you fitting equally into all four reading personalities:
Involved Reader: You don't just love to read books, you love to read about books. For you, half the fun of reading is the thrill of the chase - discovering new books and authors, and discussing your finds with others.

Exacting Reader: You love books but you rarely have as much time to read as you'd like - so you're very particular about the books you choose.

Serial Reader: Once you discover a favorite writer you tend to stick with him/her through thick and thin.

Eclectic Reader: You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You're open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors.
Involved Reader: Yes, I really love to talk about books and I love sharing my book finds with other people.  I’m very passionate about books and they get me so excited!  I love going into bookstores with no particular book in mind and just looking over the selection and finding a book with a good plot.  Case in point: Shadowmarch.

Exacting Reader: Well, it’s not so much about the time because I can read quite fast but it’s more of the money I have.  Honestly, I don’t like reading e-books because I love holding the book in my hand and just losing myself in it.  Since I’m really low on funds, I tend to be very selective of the book I will buy.

Serial Reader:  Now because of this “personality” I practically drained my boyfriend last year.  Last year, I got into Sweet Valley again then Nancy Drew, the Harry Potter books in Hardbound (I only borrowed them before because they’re quite expensive!) then Percy Jackson (I first read them as e-books then I bought them as actual books afterwards, then James Patterson (at last count I have 17 of his books and read 18 because I’m selling one).  Right now, no particular author…yet.

Eclectic Reader: I read different genres: Chick lit, fantasy, children’s, thriller, suspsense, mystery, classics, etc.  So while I buy almost all the books from one author, I find other authors with equally satisfying books.

How about you?  Go ahead, take the quiz, and share your results! Smile