Monday, March 24, 2014

Title:       Sapphires are an Earl's Best Friend [Jewels of the Ton, book 3]
Author:   Shana Galen
Rating:   ★★★1/2
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Sapphires are an Earl's Best Friend was one of my most anticipated books to read this year. fell flat.

Lily Dawson, dubbed the Countess of Charm by the Prince Regent himself, plays the role of the courtesan flawlessly while her real purpose is spying in the service of the Crown. Her mission now is to seduce a duke to test his true loyalties. She'll do it, even though the man she really wants is Andrew Booth-Payne, Earl of Darlington—the duke's son. Andrew is furious when he finds himself rivaling his father for Lily's attention. When he uncovers Lily's mission, Andrew is faced with impossible choices. It seems he is destined to betray either his family, his country, or the longings of his own heart...

The story was okay, and I was really excited because the killers were going to be unfolded. But the characters were another story.

Lily and Darlington were presented to be charming, the most charming couple of the three couples, in fact, but I couldn't relate to them at all. They didn't feel charming; they seemed like characters I've read a hundred times from other regency romance books. And it felt like they couldn't control their sexual desires, with Lily and Andrew falling all over each other chance they get, despite Lily's avowals and repeated, 'we shouldn't do this'.

And Andrew seemed so selfish; his sister Emma should have been out of harm's way but he was too busy over Lily. Emma already told him that their mother was 'cold' and 'different' but he never even asked why. He never asked about his sisters, if they were okay, it was all about him, and his desires, and Juliette then Lily.

The Earl of Darlington's troubles were very grave and heavy, but in the end, I feel like those were just skimmed over. And uh, that sex will heal a person who had to face something as terrible as treason. After three books of trying to locate Artemis, the unveiled culprits and other killers did not feel as important in the third book as they were in the first two books. That was disappointing, because there wasn't even any huge action or confrontation. The admission only happened over a few pages, then wham bam he's dead.

I finished Sapphires are an Earl's Best Friend feeling put out. It was okay, it just wasn't didn't amaze me as much as I thought it would. I do have to give props to the cover thought; it's gorgeous.

Do you read regency romance? What do you hate or love about the genre? :)