Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome to That One Line! It's been ages since I last posted a quote; the last time a particular line struck me was with Fanny Hill, and I think I've mooned about that book enough in my review :) But Riza has recently mentioned to me on Twitter that she missed the meme, so here I am!

I'm currently in the process of reading the second book in The Mysterious Benedict Society, but for today, my quote is from the first book, The Mysterious Benedict Society.

"Was it worse for him, Reynie wondered, to have felt loved and then rejected? 

Or was it worse to have always felt alone?"

I have always believed that it's better to have loved even though you get rejected. Love, after all, does not require reciprocity to be felt or to be true. We love because we love, not because the other person loves us.

When I reread the line, I couldn't get past it. It reminded me of my eldest sister's sentiments last year to me, that even though my longest relationship ended, I should still be happy that even for once in my life, I got to experience such deep love. In truth, I never regretted it--from the relationship to its ending. You could say its sad to think that maybe that relationship will be the last one I'll go through; but honestly it taught me so much about life, myself, and love in general that I'm still thankful it happened.

Besides, I know I'm never really alone. Love comes in different forms, from my mother cooking my favorite meals, to my father buying me chocolates when I was very sad, to my friends giving me gifts (and even a bouquet last Vday!), and to my sisters for patiently soothing me whenever I cried for a month.

I'm (romantically) alone, but not lonely. :)

How about you, read any good quotes lately? :)


  1. This is a great meme Goldie! So many beautiful quotes in books, its about time we feature them!

    Love definitely come in different forms other than romantic love and all of them is important. As for me, I would rather take the risk and put myself out there than look back and think what ifs ;)

    1. Nice! I used to be like that, but right now I'm not sure! Heehee. But kudos for being brave :)

  2. Love that quote! Apparently I'm a quote buff, XD. I just HAVE to highlight the best quotes and maybe feature them if possible at the end of the review. I can't keep track of them so... ^_^

    But... you have company. So do I. Yippee! :3

    1. Me too, I'm usually reading the books fast, and it's very rare for me to take note of quotes, but this meme has made me appreciate the book even more, especially after reading. :)

    2. I'm usually not one to read fast, lol. Unless it's lagging. >_<


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