Monday, April 20, 2015

It's been a looong time since I last made a discussion post, but I couldn't stop thinking about this!

As an ebook reader, I know we are always looking for the easiest/best way to read books on the go. When I first started with e-books back in 2010, I would read PDF copies using Adobe Reader. Then I bought a Nook, which changed my reading life completely since it made it easier for me to read more books on the go (I rooted it).

I loved the Nook reader app on the tablet, but since I didn't have an Amazon account when I first started out as a blogger, I didn't download the Amazon app on to my tablet. I had to use Aldiko to access those DRM-restricted ebooks from Netgalley.

However, I wasn't very happy with the Aldiko app because I found that I wasn't satisfied with its functionality. Furthermore, I kept having problems with the DRM books. I switched tablets (now a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1) for the main reason that I wanted a bigger screen for my graphic novels. The Nook wasn't enjoyable to use for comics.

With the loss of the Nook reader app and after reading how easy it was to just send Netgalley ARCS to Amazon and read off the app, I finally signed up for Amazon. I love the Kindle reading app. It's clean, useful, and just syncs to all my devices where I've download it.

But that did not solve the problem of where to read my ebooks that I don't buy from Amazon. After much researching, I finally settled on Moon Reader (for Android). For me, it's easier to use than Aldiko, and I love how my books look like in the app.

For books that I buy off Buqo, I find that the built-in Buqo reader app is good enough on Android. I've heard complaints from iOS users, but hopefully that will soon be fixed. I downloaded the Buqo app on my phone, and during a particularly long wait for the shuttle to work, I resorted to reading from my phone (I only read ebooks on my tablet) since it was lighter. The S5's huge screen also helped (yes, I'm a Samsung mobile device fan).

I thought my search was over, until a few months ago, I opened a book and accidentally pressed an app I had never used before -- Google Play Books. Then I found out that it syncs across my devices too, so I can pick up where I left off -- just like with Amazon. But the difference is that I can upload up to 1000 ebooks on to the Google Play Books app and I can access them on different devices too.

Ahhh I sound like a geek, but I don't care. I'm just so happy to find an app that will enable me to read on my phone or on my tablet without any problem. With the Google Play Books, you can also make bookmarks or notes and toggle the font, font size, alignment, and line spacing. The app doesn't feel as polished as Moon Reader, which is still my go-to reader, but it will do.

You can upload the ebooks online (or via your device). Just wait for it to sync on to your chosen device, and you can read the books offline.

So now I have four-five reading apps on my tablet and phone. I use Moon Reader app the most. I use the Kindle app for ARCs from Netgalley because it's just so handy. Since I can't access and open the books I bought off Buqo, I still use that app. As for Google Play, I just finished uploading the review copies I received for the upcoming #BuqoYA blog tour. Since I'm going to be so busy with work, I need those review copies to be accessible everywhere I go. Then Aldiko is just latent on my tablet, waiting for the time when I'll need it for DRM-ed books.

(With regards to my graphic novels, I've also explored a lot of comic book apps, but the one I really liked and found easiest to use is ComicRack. It's not perfect but compared to the rest, it's the best for me.)

How about you, what reading apps do you use? What is your favorite reading app and why? I'm always on the lookout for new apps or tech, so if you have any recommendations, please do share in the comment section!