Monday, April 22, 2013

So I've been on this blog hang-up since April rolled around. I don't feel like reading anything but War and Peace. I promised myself not to read any other paper copies of books, so I've put aside reading War and Peace by turning to my Nook instead. Hehe, totally defeated the purpose. But I'm now back in the zone and itching to read War and Peace so I can finally get started on all the awesome paper copies I've lined up. Of course those that were requested for review are totally exempt from my self-imposed rule.

So, aside from reading, I got two bookshelves over the weekend. Buy 1 take 1 for only P995! Awesome bargain, eh?

Here's my boyfriend putting together my new bookshelves. My mom watched him for a moment to ascertain that he's doing it correctly (I think). Lol.

(Man at work!)
The next day, it took me about five minutes to put some of my new books bought so far this year. I think I need two more for the books under my bed? Sadly, we have no more space for bookshelves for now.

Lastly, I discovered an hour ago that there's a...wait for it...a Jane Austen font! So of course I used it to make my new signature. I went into over dramatic mode and insisted the boyfriend create one for me in Photoshop.

That's about it. Hopefully I will finish War and Peace soon, finish books for review requests, and get around to blogging about books again. How was your weekend/Monday? :)



  1. How cute that your boyfriend set the bookshelves for you :)

    1. I think it was more because he didn't trust me to do it right! Haha but thank you :)

  2. Where did you get those buy 1 take 1 bookshelves? I'm so jealous! I wish I could find such a deal, too! :)

    1. Oh hey Julie! Sorry for the late reply. I got the bookshelves from SM's huge sale :-)


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