Monday, February 6, 2012

Title:        The Lords of Vice series
Author:     Alexandra Hawkins
Rating:     ★★★★★

I haven’t been this excited over a series for a long time! I actually read the fourth book by accident because I wasn’t familiar with the series yet. Anyway, there are actually five books to the series so far, but I only have the first four books available. Hopefully, I’ll have a copy of the fifth book soon.
The series are as follows (click on the links to see their plot):

1) All Night with a Rogue
2) Till Dawn with the Devil
3) After Dark with a Scoundrel
4) Sunrise with a Notorious Lord

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The series is about the friendship and discovery of the seven most debauched lords in society, the Lords of Vice, namely Sin, Reign, Dare, Vane, Saint, Hunter, and Frost. Their names are actually derived from their aristocratic lineage. For example, Frost’s title is actually Lord Chillingsworth and Dare is Lord Mordare. I like Alexandra Hawkins’ play on their nicknames using their lineage.

All books are very romantic and exciting. I’m not really into the bad boy types, and these Lords of Vice are seriously as such, but Alexandra Hawkins managed to still make them desirable despite their serious moral flaws. I suppose you can say that the love they eventually found with their significant others redeemed them from their past, may I say extreme, debauchery.

I love the friendship and interaction between the seven, although I find it weird that they fight amongst themselves so often. Then again, it doesn’t even seem to be an issue with them anymore. The friends accept that they are like that and they just deal with their issues with each other through their fists. I’m not a fan of violence, though, so I’m glad that it was only referred to most of the time instead of it being a central part of the book.

Another thing I like about the series is that the women are not characterized as strong, independent women then later depicted as weak and foolish. However, despite the commonalities in the series, the women are still distinctive from each other.

The book is actually a bit forthright with uh some of the activities that the lords do, so I highly recommend that you be 18 and above before you read the book.

The four books so far do not disappoint and they actually made me want more. I’m so excited for the upcoming fifth book, All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess, although what I’m really waiting for is Frost’s own story. I’m guessing that the sixth book, however, will be about Hunter and Frost will be the last. Honestly, if you read the series, you’ll find that his story is just right to be the last because he is frequently mentioned in all books AND he seems to play a significant role per story. The lack of further background and discourse about Frost is just maddening! Maddeningly exciting, that is. My interest at this point is highly aroused because I really want to know why he is the way he is. To get my point, go get your own copy of the book. It would be a fantastic read for your Historical Romance collection.